What is Website Defacement?

Web  Defacement  attack  the  invader  changes the  visual  appearance  of  the  web page.  The  business  competitor, Insurgent  and  extremist  groups  defame  the reputation  of  the organizations  and  mislead  public  through  these  types  of attacks. Manual  monitoring and scrutinizing these attacks on web sites is a time consuming and tedious task for law enforcement agencies. Hence  there  is  a  need  to develop  a system  which  effectively monitors  the  content  of  web  sites  and automatically  generate alarm  for  any  suspicious  or  threatening  activity.
Basically, websites are defaced by exploiting the vulnerabilities in the web server and gaining root shell injecting malicious coded into the target page residing on the server.

In other cases, it may be done purely for fun, without any specific malice against the owner of a site. Hackers may penetrate a server and attempt to hack all the sites hosted there. These attacks sometimes include mocking notices to site owners and security personnel that highlight security weaknesses on the server or in the site’s code. This type of website defacement is sometimes done in the name of a public awareness campaign to alert people to the vulnerability of a site. Ethical hackers, however usually prefer to contact site owners and software companies to alert them privately. So far there’s no such software to stop these kinda hacktivist activities. It all depends up user awareness. Here I can’t give you a real time example. I just wanted you to know ‘What it is’. You can find more about Web defacement on internet. Try google it for more examples.

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