Appium Tutorial

What is Appium?

Appium is an open source test automation tool developed and supported by Sauce Labs to automate native and hybrid mobile apps. It also allows you to execute the automated tests on actual devices, emulators and simulators as well. This works for both Android and IOS platforms. Here I’m sharing few articles on Appium.

To start with

Appium Introduction & Architecture

Appium installation in Windows & Linux machines

Creating Android Virtual Devices (AVD)

Using ADB to interact with the AVD

Basic ADB commands

Desired Capabilities for Appium

Finding elements using UIAutomatorViewer

Finding elements using locators in Appium

Finding Package Name, Activity Name of .apk file

Launching a web browser in your Android device using Appium

Launching Native App in your Android device using Appium

Long Press Gesture – Appium

Scrolling Gesture – Appium

Swipe Gesture – Appium

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