How to Avoid Duplication of Scenarios in Feature File.

In general, Copying and pasting scenarios which has different values but same scenario is waste of time.In order to minimize this, Scenario outline could be used.

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Annotations used in cucumber-jvm

@Runwith :

Classes annotated with @RunWith(Cucumber.class) will run a Cucumber Feature. The class should be empty without any fields or methods.

Cucumber will look for a .feature file on the classpath, using the same resource path as the annotated class (.class substituted by .feature).

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Background :

Often times when writing multiple scenarios within a singular feature file you see repeated test steps. Initial test steps that are common across all scenarios and scenario outlines can be pulled out into a Background test step. These steps get executed before every scenario. This can greatly reduce the number of test steps in the feature file, and increase readability.

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