World’s most desirable test automation skills!

With the growing demand for test automation experts and new technologies emerge at a rapid pace, gaining the relevant technical skills is crucial for candidates who are looking to improve their chances to get hired.

In order to answer the question – “What are the most desirable test automation skills in the upcoming year of 2016?”, our research team took over the top job searching websites around the globe looking for the most popular and required technologies in the test automation field.

Most popular test automation frameworksMost popular test automation frameworks

Selenium is considered to be the world’s most popular framework (as also reflected in ‘Test Automation Trends of 2015’). The most surprising fact regarding Selenium in the United States is that it’s almost 300% more demanded than QTP/UTF which has made to second place. This huge gap practically renders all other technologies as less relevant for people looking to learn a new automation framework.

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Annotations used in cucumber-jvm

@Runwith :

Classes annotated with @RunWith(Cucumber.class) will run a Cucumber Feature. The class should be empty without any fields or methods.

Cucumber will look for a .feature file on the classpath, using the same resource path as the annotated class (.class substituted by .feature).

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Background :

Often times when writing multiple scenarios within a singular feature file you see repeated test steps. Initial test steps that are common across all scenarios and scenario outlines can be pulled out into a Background test step. These steps get executed before every scenario. This can greatly reduce the number of test steps in the feature file, and increase readability.

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Introduction of Using Selenium With Cucumber-JVM

What is BDD:
Every software/Application/system have its own behavior or requirement as per the domain (e-Commerce, Banking, Finance etc.). The behavior of software is documented and software team (Dev, QA and BA) will use this document to develop the software and follow a process that involves several roles in the team. This process is called BDD.

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