What are Pharming & Phishing Attacks?

What is Pharming Attack?

  Pharming, this is a sophisticated technique that allows automatically re-directing a user to a malicious site. It means, it redirects you to some malicious website without your knowledge. It’s quite embarrassing huh. Don’t scratch up your head.

There are several ways of to do this pharming attack. One of the simplest and less sophisticated ways is to modify the hosts files. This file allows storing IP – domain names to speed up surfing and avoid consulting a DNS server. For example, if the hosts file contains: xxxx.xxx.xxx Company.com Every time that the user enters Company.com into the browser, the PC won’t consult a DNS but rather it will consult the hosts file first and, if it finds this domain name, it will take the IP address XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX which is a counterfeit website where the attacker steals the credentials by phishing attack.

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