Tellurium gonna be New Era of Test Automation?

I know this gonna be one of the controversial articles, but still this is just my notion or you call it as Apprehension. 
Many professionals here have asked me about this ‘Tellurium‘ though I was novice and left dogmatic. To be honest, I’m one of the lovers of Selenium but still we should all agree that it’s a tedious process to design a Framework. So, I just wanted to put a Grin on Tester’s face whoever reads this article. 

People who haven’t heard ‘Tellurium‘, take a look at my article here. This is an  open source too.

We all knew, in order to automate any web based application, Pragmatically we need to adopt or design a good framework. And we have many frameworks out there. I could name Page Object Model, Data Driven, Modular Driven, TestNG blah blah. Moreover to reduce manual effort we’ve started using CI for scheduling. You know, all these frameworks putting together makes you to achieve Automation. I can say that Tellurium has inbuilt frameworks

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Start Automating Your Application in Tellurium

It’s quite simple and easy to start automating your application. Tellurium doesn’t need any hardware to purchase, no installation. Simply log in and begin managing your tests by collaborating with your team.

  • Click here to Sign up. Once you sign up, A confirmation email will be sent to your email address.
  • Get your credentials from the mail and Sign in.
  • Fill your details and change your password.
  • Add Tellurium extension for chrome. Click here .

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How Tellurium Made My Job Easy ?

As a Test Automation Engineer, I always look for the best & easiest way to test an application. I was evidently vexed designing suitable Selenium frameworkstellurium for the application under test. While in search of automation tools, I recently came across Tellurium a web based automation tool. I was amazed with the work done by Tellurim team. So, I have started exploring and I would love to confer here. I can say, this will shake up the Test Automation process. I highly recommend Tellurium to any group that needs to develop a comprehensive suite of automated tests that can be easily run and interpreted.

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